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My painting style, has been characterized over the years, through research and a cultural and spiritual insight into the customs and traditions of ancient civilizations, which have always fascinated me, leading me to travel around the World. I could study and experience up close the various artistic and painting techniques, used by the Plateau Indians of Yucatan, with the preparation of colors, stimulating me in research and experimentation. The history of Byzantium, with the study of the mosaics of Ravenna, influenced my brushstroke on the canvas, and the experience gained in Australia, through the Aboriginal art, it started my first cycle of works dedicated to the theme of the Trees. Ottoman art, I was inspired by the cycle of works dedicated to tapestries, like the Damascus Gardens. In addition, I am fascinated by the characters of Greek Mythology, and of course from the Baroque style (Rococo), with its great elegance. I conclude by saying that the various artistic cultures, contaminating my art, have characterized my artistic language.

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