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Warm golden hues highlighting, ancestral figures, flowers, trees, birds and archetypal symbols, in a microcosm.

The my “Garden of the rebirth”, habited by birds of paradise who donating the cosmogonic egg at Tree of life (work "Genesis"), fascinating and mysterious creatures, like the “Lady of the Garden”, which contains the seed of life.

(work "Domina est Hortis")

A magical place, untouched, in which we were born, where everything has a beginning and none end, where the cycle of life is continually renewed in a continuous flow as that of the plants, seeds and buds, with the ability to heal the body and the mind, and turn into beautiful flowers, of intense fragrance, which regenerates the soul.

(work "Initium Horti").

The feeling that people experience, placing itself in front of my paintings, is a feeling of great relief: the man, through the colors, found her pulse, and feels comforted by those same reference work.

The complex patterns that are intertwined with one another are the mirror of a variety of character and human behavior that despite endless chaos, is balanced on the whole.

My work, it is consists of vibrant and intricate details that characterize my Instinct, harmony and completeness, thanks to the binding of shades and signs that abduct the eye and involve the soul.

My works deal the with respect for the nature, arguing balance, the positivity that nature itself has. to man

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